international film festival
UFF - Ulassai Film Festival

UFF - Ulassai Film Festival

UFF - Ulassai Film Festival
Visionary moves in Sardinia for the 1st International Festival of the documentary. From 22 to 26 March 2011 in Ulassai.



"A deep tradition connects Sardinia to Tuscany, and to Siena in particular. It is therefore with great pleasure that today we are going to give birth, with our partners, to the first edition of a new festival, thanks, most of all, to the support and vision of the administrators of Sardinia Region. And this is something that should be stressed, not only because it opens a new enlightened window for audiovisual culture in Italy, but mainly because, in contrast with the rest of the country, where many festivals stop for lack of resources, Sardinia shows itself as a region on the cutting edge. And it is also a proof of the extensive synergies that are put into practice, which in the future could develop and improve each other’s potential, and further strengthen this ancient bond. In our country it is certainly not obvious to invest in the documentary cinema, both because very little has been done in terms of education and culture, and because the recent drastic and indiscriminate cuts to the economical resourses for culture have seriously damaged even the great cultural institutions and the major festivals. Ulassai festival therefore represents a great challenge we can win together, and we want to."
by Mauro Tozzi Artistic Director Visionaria

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