international film festival


Cineterra is the festival dedicated to the environment. Screenings, meetings and discussions at Supercinema Monteroni d'Arbia, on 28 and 29 November 2012.

Visionaria has distinguished itself in time for the care and implementation of cultural projects that characterize the distribution of cinematographic and audiovisual. In these 20 years of work in the area, Visionaria often has woven its activities with a commitment to social issues and cultural cooperation projects. The environment and its protection issues are issues that are daily agenda of all the media and on which our life is continuously engaged. The Cinema, understood as a representation of reality, survey instrument and often anticipating future scenarios, it is always busy and environmental issues in recent years, with the spread of digital technology, the production environmental issues in the sector have invested heavily short films and animation that, not just for boys. The project to build a big festival on the environment is a priority for Visionaria and waiting to intercept the right resources to bring it to fruition, in this brief review we believe that we can offer a glimpse of what could be a full-field (fiction, documentary, animation, commercials, short films) in the film industry related to the environment.


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