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Visioni in movimento

Visioni in movimento

Visioni in movimento
“Visioni in movimento”, the contemporary tale of Via Francigena.
Art Residency for young authors and directors.
Training programmes for authors and production of the winning projects.
40 days to implement the project.
Projects must be sent by 30th June 2017.

Visioni in Movimento will award the production of two short films and a training programme for two young European filmmakers. The Residency will take place between August and September (dates will be agreed with the selected participants) along the stretch of Via Francigena linking San Gimignano to Siena (two stops of the Official Francigena pathway).


During this period of time, the participants will attend a travelling Summer on film-making in the territory and to the theme of walking. The filmmakers will also discover the Via Francigena pathway by walking down its routes on their own or with the Management Committee. They will refine and realise their projects with the support of their tutors. The films produced during the Art Residency will premiere at the Visionaria Film Festival in November.

A unique experience, a travelling Art Residency, the production of two films conceived and implemented while walking. The opportunity of being trained and supervised by professional tutors and of discovering a one-of- a-kind territory at a slow pace.


“Visioni in movimento” is designed and organised by Visionaria Association (Siena) and Mattador Association (Trieste), together with Comune di San Gimignano and Kiné Visual Storytelling Lab, in cooperation with Culture Attive.


Visionaria Associazione culturale, Siena (Italy) —
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