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Visionaria 24t - Terra di transito

Visionaria 24t - Terra di transito

Visionaria 24t - Terra di transito
On Friday 17 to 10 pm, director Paolo Martino presents his film "Transit Land". The gray area of migration.
Visionaria 24t - Terra di transito

Terra di transito

di Paolo Martino (Italia-Svezia 2014, colore, 54’, v.o. sott. it. - documentario)

Soggetto: P. Martino, Valentina Brinis, Valentina Calderone. Fotografia: Andrea De Biasi. Montaggio: Matteo Cusato. Musica: Flavio Perrella. Interpreti: Rahell Ali Mohammad. Produzione: A Buon Diritto in collaborazione con Istituto Luce–Cinecittà.


Young documentary and reporter Paolo Martino says: "For a long time, I traveled to discover the routes that from Asia and the Middle East bring to Europe, documenting the steps of forced migrants, refugees, nomads of the third millennium. Streets of incredible scenery, arid landscapes, oriental colors are interwoven in those streets. When I returned to Italy I found that in our country, bridge between continents, many of these stories converge: not to stop the long run, but just to take the breath and then move on. "
Rahell, Iraqi Kurdish refugee in Syria, as thousands of peacekeepers fleeing the war have embarked on a tiring journey to Europe without visas or passports, trying to reach some family members living in Sweden. However, when he arrived in Italy, he notices that the Dublin Regulation requires asylum seekers to reside in the first country of entry into the European Union. So Italy, hostile, depressed, is nothing more than a "transit earth" where to leave its fingerprints and perhaps every hope. This film is a direct, overwhelming testimony.

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