international film festival


The 2009 edition of Visionaria was accompanied by many events such as the conference "On the Track of Futurism", the "Course of Cinema for schools", the exhibition on the horror film "Piombino in black".
Many events surrounding the international competition of short films, in the edition "adult" Visionary of his eighteenth birthday.


"Visionaria 2009 appears with an unusual format because, together with the traditional competition, you will find some very interesting shows and exhibitions, and especially, we would like to underline the will to involve young people and students. To this purpose the Fuoriclasse Prize, but, above all, the Introductory Course to the Cinematographic Language which shows how far is the daily perception of images from our knowledge of the grammar and of the mechanisms governing the audiovisual production. We discovered that in Piombino live and work cinema essayists and critics; with them, we set up the show Piombino in Nero dealing with the so-called “cinema di genere” (horror films) presenting three experts in this field: Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento. This is a further confirmation that cinema is something living inside the town of Piombino. Finally, the authors deserve a big praise. Selection has been hard and longer than usual because we have never received so many good quality films as this year. All of them were deserved to access the final phase."
Mauro Tozzi, Artistic Director of Visionaria

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